Our mission is to generate revenues for the customer from Electrical and Electronic waste.

About Us

We promise to dispose of the e-waste inside the boundaries of the environment lawful way of e-waste management.

  What we do?

IT Assets and Electronic Goods are bought with no thought of announcing them useless sometime in future. Their value as "zero=waste" is not acceptable. To 6R Recycling Electronic and Electrical assets stand as an E-waste to be recycled; reason being—IT Asset's Life-cycle doesn't end—it only recycled. Hence, such electrical and electronic assets demand environment friendly deposition services. In order to fulfill this demand of nature's in a quick online click; 6R Recycling is imparting Electronic waste recycling services or IT Assets disposal services. At 6R, we promise to dispose of the e-waste inside the boundaries of the environment and keeping in mind the legal and lawful way of e-waste management.

 Why choose us?

At 6R Recycler customer satisfaction stands one of the major priority. Therefore, 6R Recycler imparts its customers with maximum possible revenue from the recycled IT Assets. For customer's convenience, 6R Recycler provide additional services comprising in national-wide pickup services, piling up and tracking assets, data sanitization & destruction,logistics management, PCB Recycling and e-waste disposition. Apart from all these factors, customers are offered with cost-effective solutions which match their budget and timeline and also helps in generating the revenue while recycling.

 Where are we?

Best-in-class scientific e-waste recycling facility in India that uses latest technologies to recycle e-waste and generated revenue.


We provide wide range of services like e-waste management, IT assets management, data sanitization and Reverse logistics and many more.

E-Waste Recycling

A complete nature-secured and e-waste management solution comes with our name.

IT Assets Management

IT Asset Management is considered as a major service imparted by 6R Recycler professionals promising a maximum return on IT End-of-life Assets which are retired or to be retired..

Data Sanitization

Data Sanitization services imparted by 6R Recycling puts an end to the insecurity linked with all confidential and sensitive information cling to your IT Equipment even after invalidation to operate. Indeed, in past few years, 6R Recycler's professionals have experience hundreds of Data Sanitization cases where it took the longest to damage the brand of the company in order to conserve it from the outside world of hackers, IT Thefts.

Reverse Logisitics

Recovery of Electronic and Electrical waste isn't a quick single-handed labor to progress. It has to be taken to an end via a step-by-step set of procedures and sometimes "reverse logistics" stays one of the major procedures while the recovery of these IT Assets. In past few years, 6R Recycler has faced the challenge of reverse supply chain management and return management with complete optimization and conviction..

EPR Implementation

Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) broadens the responsibility of manufacturers till end-of-life management of their products.



Legislation has given the responsibility of not destroying the environment anyhow and thus, you never know—where, when, how and why you'll require keeping compliant concerning your Electronic and Electrical waste as of being harmless to the environment or legislation boundaries & rules. Compliance is critical to care about as it scrutinizes us all, especially on the subject matter of environment, health and safety. With the establishment of legislation; it is a hard-wearing oath taken by all of us around the nation to not go far beyond the boundaries of law while serving the people of nation anyhow. At 6R Recycler, we have been staying committed to this exceptional promise towards environment and Law of our country. 6R Recycler assists its clients to keep compliant alongside bringing changes to their Industry inputs. 6R Recycler ensures the fulfillment of E-waste Management & Recycling Rules notified by MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest), without lacking any efficiency in the integrated recycling process of client's End-of-LifeITAD (information technology asset disposal). 6R Recycler's Compliance experts take into consideration all the factors of concern roping in waste management license& permissions from CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) &SPCB (State Pollution Control Board), and all the relevant environmental authorities/permissions. Indeed, the team is completely responsible for progress stalking and notifying processes regarding any legislative key personnel which holds the probability of knocking our customer with difficulty. It is the responsibility of our Compliance team to keep the client up-to-date on every subject matter linking to the services and signs of progress. To us at 6R Recycler, with the satisfaction of the customer, meeting compliant stays equivalent. Thus, customers can surely put their reasonable expectations onto shoulders of our E-waste recycling experts and see us going to stand on each of the expectation .


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