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Data Sanitization

Data Sanitization | 6R Recycler

A secured brand becomes unsecured when the device or the IT Asset is no more valid to operate and the data resides in your System or IT Equipment is going nowhere but is clutched inside the IT Asset—computer, laptop, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, media and any other. However, the insecurity exists until or unless the data sanitization or data destruction is done legally and technically.

Data Sanitization services imparted by 6R Recycler puts an end to the insecurity linked with all confidential and sensitive information cling to your IT Equipment even after invalidation to operate. Indeed, in past few years, 6R Recycler's professionals have experience hundreds of Data Sanitization cases where it took the longest to damage the brand of the company in order to conserve it from the outside world of hackers, IT Thefts and any single possibility of subjection to breach.

At 6R Recycler, Data Sanitization exercises in four steps completing the circle of Dismantling of e-waste—

Hard Drive Shredding

An out of service or no more valid for End-of-Life IT Equipment is considered twenty-five percent secured concerning the company's brand and confidential information after Hard Drive shredding process. In Hard drive shredding or degaussing, in order to protect the system from exposure to breach—it's hard to drive is shredded technically and physically via shredders and hence, the data residing within the drive of Electronic waste gets destroyed in an unrecoverable manner.

Data Whipping

Data whippingrefers to the complete blanking out of Data residing in invalidate Electrical waste before integrated recycling. Data whipping doesn't do any physical damage to parts of IT Assets but only erases all the confidential, sensitive and insensitive data in one go!

Media Degaussing

In order—not to leave any 0.1 percent probability of data exposure to breach 'Media Degaussing' progresses by 6R Recycler. Here, all the data is erased for another time through machines. Therefore, after proceeding Media Degaussing Digitally, there is no chance of Data recovery anyhow!

Media Shredding

Not describing much—almost every company has a tendency of keeping data back-up in the face of media—tapes, CDs, DVDs, and others. 6R Recycler takes into consideration, shredding of such media via machines on the words of its customers. "Procure 6R Recycler's certified Data Sanitization service and satisfy your insecurity instincts."